3 Reasons Why Your Crush Could Be Ignoring You

3 Reasons Why Your Crush Could Be Ignoring You

If marriages are made in heaven, perhaps crushes are made in hell. You fall head over heels for your crush. But soon you realize that he is not reciprocating your feelings. Or else, your crush may have the same feelings towards you in the initial stages. But soon he starts behaving indifferently. Wondering why? Well, here are some reasons why your crush could be ignoring you.

1. Because he has found a new crush

This is the most common reason for the loss of interest. Guys who are known for their wandering eye tend to find new attractions. That is when the existing crush looks less attractive. Check out whether your crush has found a new crush. Perhaps, that is why he could be ignoring you.

2. Because he later realized that you’re not meant for him

There is truth in the saying, familiarity breeds contempt. He may have fallen for your gorgeous looks. But once you got along with each other, he perhaps got a good idea about you. Unfortunately, he may have realized that you are not the girl he has been looking for.

In such cases, it is better to do a bit of introspection. Have you been acting too selfish? Are you putting forward the right moves? You are most likely to find the answers by yourself. Be prepared to make some changes in your way of behavior if you want to sustain the relationship.

3. Because he lacks confidence

Your crush could be lacking confidence. Contrary to popular belief, it is more difficult to maintain a relationship than to start one. Some guys lack the courage to take the relationship to the next level. The lack of confidence could also be a reason why your crush may be ignoring you.

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