6 Fun Facts about the February Birth Flower

Fun Facts about the February Birth Flower

The birth flower for February is, Violet, also called as Viola. It implies that all the people born in February share the five-petaled Violet as their birth flower. There are around 500 species of Violet flower which are scattered all around the world. A majority of its species are found in the northern hemisphere and in the Australian continent. Here are interesting facts about this flower you’ll love reading.

1. Origin of Name

Violet has many common names and species such as violas, pansies and heartsease. The name ‘pansies’ come from the french word pensée (thought). The name ‘violet’ comes from the word ‘vias’ which means ‘wayside’. The scientific name of the different species is formed by combining its genus term and species term together.

2. Physical Appearance

The Violet flower species show varied physical characteristics and grow throughout the year. Some of the common important features are listed below.
Leaves: Mostly heart-shaped and parallel. The leaves are green in color.
Flower: Five petaled flower. Four fan-shaped petals with two on each side and one lower petal pointing downwards.
Color : The most common color is violet. But they are also found in other colors like blue, white, yellow and cream. They also exist as bi-colored flowers, often blue and yellow.

3. Symbolic Meaning

Violet has an interesting history, and the meaning of this flower has evolved with time. Back in the Victorian era, a Violet flower would symbolize complete faithfulness and a cream Violet would stand as a symbol to take a chance. The Violet also symbolizes modesty and chastity.

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