Games To Play For A Family Picnic

Family picnics are all about cutting some slack, loosening it up and having all the fun in the world. But more than all of that, they are meant to improve the bonding between family members. But often teenagers find family picnics really boring. Playing games for family picnics will make them fun and add brownie points to the excitement. Families consist of people from all age groups right from children to old people. Obviously you have to keep all these age groups in mind while choosing a game to play, so that it will be enjoyed by all. Let’s find out about the kind of games you can play for a family picnic? Read ahead.

1. Family Trivia

Family Trivia

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A kind of trivia questions about different members in the family can be written on pieces of paper. The questions can be based on information like their age, middle name or the place where they were born. They can also be based on funny facts for example, “Daddy wears a wig. True or False.” Such trivia games will improve the knowledge about different family members and the funny things will leave your whole family in splits.

2. Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

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Most children love this game. As for the adults are concerned, this is a game that most of them must have already played as a child. Play it now and you will see, the fun will still be the same. A couple of things written on a list are to be found. These items should be skillfully hidden at strategic places at the picnic spot. Certain points should be allotted to each item. It is a nice game to be played almost anywhere, but when you play this game at a family picnic, there will be so many different places where you can hide stuff. You will be surprised to see the competitive spirit coming out of your family members as they go about hunting for treasures.

3. Frisbee


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This is a fun game to be played amongst family members. It is not complicated at all and almost anyone can play this game. Divide your family members into two groups. Now the disc shaped object known as the frisbee is swung on either side. It is similar to throw ball, but here the method of throwing the frisbee differs.

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