7 Tips to Tell a Guy You’re Not Interested

Tips to Tell a Guy You're Not Interested

Do you have a nice friend who is giving you a signal of his romantic interest in you? Do you want to tell him that you are not interested in him romantically but without hurting him? If yes then this is a very normal situation. You are one of those several women who have at least a few fans! So, be happy and check out the following ideas. These ideas can help you tell a guy that you are not interested in him but without hurting him.

1. Tell the guy that you just want to be friends with people and mean it!

A lot of women feel that they are not romantically interested in a particular guy, but they are unable to indicate the same, and actually mean it. Each and every individual reads body language. A man who is interested in you romantically can actually read between the lines you say. So, make sure you tell this guy that you are not looking for a relationship, and you want to make new friends. Mean what you say and act like the same.

2. Be nice to him

There is no need to be rude to this guy. He likes you and that’s it! So, make sure that you treat this guy as your friend always. There is a thin line between being friendly and romantic. Set your limits and make a list of all those things you will never do with a friend who is a guy. Don’t go to a romantic candle light dinner or a place that could make him feel romantic. Keep your meetings normal and simple. Tell him that he is a great, loyal and reliable friend of yours.

3. Don’t lie to him at all

Don’t lie to this guy because this can leave him hurt and depressed. If he asks you why you don’t want to be in a relationship with him, then tell him the right reason, but politely. Don’t give him stupid reasons like “You are too smart for me” or “I really am not suitable for you.” Tell him that you want your boyfriend to be different than he is, or tell him that you two are really different and want different things from life.

4. Try and set him up with one of your friends

If you want to help him get over this polite rejection, then try and set him up with a friend of yours. Talk to him about some good girls around, and find out a girl who has interests that are similar to his interests. Tell him directly that you want to set him up with a suitable girl. This strategy can actually kill two birds. It can let him know clearly that you mean it when you say you are not interested in him. It also lets him feel excited for a girl other than you.

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