5 Christmas Characters We Love

Christmas Characters We Love

Christmas is such a joyous festival which brings families and loved ones together in exhilarating celebration. This time of the year we begin to think of gifts, decorations and lovely characters that Christmas is so often associated with. As a bid to make this Christmas fun-filled and exciting for you, we write about the five Christmas characters that we love, for you to read and enjoy.

1. Santa Claus

What is Christmas without Santa Claus, uh? He brings us gifts from far and away. He fulfills our wishes and makes us smile. The spirit of good cheer and giving gifts wouldn’t be so famous and enjoyed, if not for Santa Claus. Kids love him for his beardy and cute appearance as well as for giving them enormous gifts. It is believed that if you write a letter to Santa for a wish, he will grant it!

2. The Reindeers

Santa travels from the North Pole with the help of nine reindeers that pull his sleigh from one place to another. Some of the most famous ones are Cupid, Dasher and Rudolph– the red-nosed reindeer. These reindeers are also loved and appreciated by kids and adults for helping Santa Claus on the Christmas Eve.

3. Snowman

Snowman is not so much of a character, but is a part of every family’s Christmas celebration. Families build a man-like sculpture from ice and decorate it with scarf and cap. To add to its charm, some put tree branches as its arms. Leaves and other items are used to make eyes and nose of the snowman.

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