6 Common Mistakes Wedding Guests Ought to Avoid

6 Common Mistakes Wedding Guests Ought to Avoid

Weddings are carefully planned as they are one of the once in a lifetime events. The bride and groom take utmost efforts to make the day memorable for their guests, and let it pass by without any disruptions. However, some mistakes that guests make can ruin their relations with the couple or spoil their image and impression. These are some facts that you should keep in mind while attending a marriage ceremony.

1. Eating before meeting the bride and groom

You should partake the main course, drinks and desserts only after the couple has announced about the meal commencement. You have come to wish the married couple and food is secondary. Don’t come across as a greedy hog. Have patience and wish the couple before starting with food.

2. Not following the dress code

Adhere to traditional dress codes at marriages. Not wearing white and black clothes or skimpy and ill fitting ones is imperative. That’s not a place to experiment with fashion. Hence, conservative, traditional dressing style ought to be followed.

3. Gossiping about the pair

Many relatives and friends see weddings as an opportunity to talk about how unfit the couple is for each other. It’s an irony, but they do it. Be polite and make small talk, but never gossip or bitch about the people who have invited you. If the news of you ill talking about them as a couple reach their ears, relations would get soured.

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