7 Dressing Styles to Look Slimmer

7 Dressing Styles to Look Slimmer

All women are obsessed with their weight and almost all of them wish to look slimmer than they are. Although diet and regular exercise works perfect, women also need to get their dressing sense right in order to come across as thinner than they are. Even a fit person can look bulky if she doesn’t dress right. Of course, the basic thing to remember while dressing up to look slimmer is to choose correct lingerie. A correct fitting brassiere and body shapers will make you look fabulous in most outfits. So here are ways by which you can achieve a look that will make you appear lighter by a few kilos.

1. Vertical stripes

Ditch clothes that have horizontal stripes on them as they make your body look broader and you appear to have a wider frame wearing them. Invest in dresses and tops that sport vertical stripes which gives the illusion of a longer and taller frame, thus cutting off excess kilos that can be seen in horizontal patterns.

2. Heels

Heels not only elevate you and make you look taller, they also help in making you look slimmer. Since your overall structure looks taller, the weight seems to get distributed evenly on your body. Towering high heels in Wichita you can’t balance yourself are a no-no, 2-3 inch ones work well to reduce inches from your frame instantly.

3. Bust clinching tops and dresses

Wear long flows dresses and tops that clinch at the bust and not the waist. Waist clinching tops or tunics will only highlight your problem areas of stomach and hips and that’s the last thing you want for sure. With bust clinching attire, you not only look blessed with good assets, but also look slimmer.

4. Black

It’s a universal fact that black slims down the look of the wearer. Buy black tops, jacket, jeans and not to forget the eternal LBD.

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