5 Tips to Hide a Big Forehead

5 Tips to Hide a Big Forehead

People say that the one who has a big forehead comes with intelligence and great analytical powers. But all this goes for a toss when your forehead is disproportionately larger than your face. We all want a well-balanced face that looks pretty and beautiful, but not everyone is blessed with such flawless beauty. If you are one of them who has a disproportionate face because of a big forehead, then here are some tips that can hide your forehead and make you look great.

1. Shun back-combed hairstyles

It doesn’t matter if neatly combed or back-brushed ponytail is the ‘in thing’ right now. For women with big foreheads, this hairdo is a big no-no. This style will attract more attention to your forehead and will also be responsible for the hairline going back even further.

2. Wear scarfs, hair bands and hats

Accessorize your hair with different kinds of scarfs, hair bands, bandanas or hats and hide your large forehead. Besides, these lovely accessories will add up to your glamorous attire and will make you look chic amongst your peer group. Experiment with such headgears to camouflage your big forehead and look uber cool!

3. Pick the perfect hairstyle

The best way in which you can hide your huge forehead is by getting a proper haircut or a style. It is always advised to go for fringes or bangs that will fall perfectly on the forehead. Try layers or emo hairstyles that suit long, medium and short tresses. You can also chop off your hair and get inspired by the ‘Victoria Beckham’ or ‘Paris Hilton’ hairdos. They are best suited for women with a big forehead.

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