5 Things to Do When Your Children Want Piercings

5 Things to Do When Your Children Want Piercings

It almost is a rite of passage among pre-teens and teens to get some part of their body pierced. In some countries it is a custom and a tradition that must be followed and parents themselves get their children’s ears pierced; mostly girls and sometimes even boys. When it comes to children some stay safe and get their ear pierced while some are more adventurous and daring going for piercings in other areas such as the navel, the eyebrow, the tongue and the cheek etc. As rebellious as it may seem to them, most kids do not understand the dangers that come with them and as a parent you would have a tough time asking them either not to get themselves pierced or telling them about the disadvantages of piercings. It is not always possible to have your way with kids, so here are some things you can do when they want piercings.

1. Ask them to be careful

If they are letting you know that they want to get a piercing done, it means that they respect you or want your suggestion as they haven’t made up their mind yet. If you are sure they want it done and there is nothing you can do to stop it, the best you can do is to ask them to be careful and get the piercing done in a safe place. You can even take them yourself if they would let you. If you sense that they are not sure about the piercing, you can maybe try and postpone the piercing to after a few years or talk them out of it.

2. Talk to them about the disadvantages

You can talk to them about the disadvantages of getting piercings in weird places. You can let them know about the image makeover it will have on them and the effect it will create on other people. Also you should tell them about the hygiene part of the piercing and the things they have to do to prevent any kind of infection forming. You should also tell them about the chances of their piercings getting caught in the sheets or curtains.

3. Go along with the decision

Sometimes the very fact that you say yes immediately would put them off the decision. Most teenage piercings are a sign of rebellion and any rebellion would lose it sheen if there is immediate consent. If you are too enthusiastic about it, they might even look at piercings as a bad idea and never want to try it again.

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