6 Benefits of Yogalates

6 Benefits of Yogalates

Suitable for all ages, Yogalates is an excellent blend of Yoga and Pilates. Developed by Louise Solomon, this method is gaining popularity all over the world. We give you some of the benefits of Yogalates.

1. Increased body strength

Yogalates consists of 40 different poses that vary in their difficulty levels. On the whole, you have exercises that are of both low and high intensity. By engaging various muscle groups, these poses help you gain body strength. Yogalates also aids in lengthening the muscles and especially helps make your lower and abdominal back strong.

2. Enhanced flexibility

Even if you just do Yoga or Pilates, your body will benefit from enhanced flexibility. Imagine how effective will Yogalates be when it comes to body elasticity! You will be using everything from your arms, and legs to your neck and your back. All these different poses will help you stretch the various body parts and hence give you body flexibility.

3. Healthy weight loss

Needless to say, you will be burning a lot of calories when you do Yogalates and that will automatically help you shed those extra pounds. Many of us opt for treatments, diet pills, etc., to lose weight. Such resorts can often harm your body in the long run. However, Yogalates does not involve any side effects. If you want exceptional results, then you can combine Yogalates with cardio exercise and lose weight quickly and effectively.

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