5 Workplaces Rules That You Must Break Off From

5 Workplaces Rules That You Must Break Off From

Every workplace has its own rules and guidelines which employers expect their employees to follow. That’s okay, but there are certain workplace rules that almost every office or work environment has, which all women hate. Here are 5 workplace rules that you must break off from, if you want to maintain a stain-free reputation.

1. Gossiping

Indulging into gossip surely tops our list of workplace rules that you must break off from because it is a waste of your energy and time. “You may think that gossiping can further your intentions in the workplace, but have you ever thought that gossiping can backfire? How will you feel when others gossip about you in the workplace?”, asks Wendy, 33, a receptionist at a law firm in Manhattan.

2. Swearing

There may be women in your office who’d think it is okay to drop the F-bomb during frustrating times but don’t be like them. “What position will you be in to tell your subordinates not to swear on the office floor, when you don’t have a hold on your tongue yourself? Don’t swear on the office floor and stay away from this nasty workplace unspoken rule that you can’t get work done unless you swear to get your point across”, adds Wendy. She mentions how the top executives in her office never have to swear to get work done.

3. Doing what the boss says

As contrary to what every employee handbook tells you, this rule at the workplace that you must break off from is all about using your own wits and intellect than blindly following orders. Some of the most successful people have progressed in their careers because they’ve questioned their authorities. “I love it when a newcomer argues with a senior about a case and actually gets across a valid point. The boss may feel humiliated in front of others but from the inside he/she knows that the survival of the team and company depends on such mavericks”, chuckles Wendy.

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