5 Things to Learn from Your Father

5 Things to Learn from Your Father

Even great thinkers like Mark Twain believed that you understand your father’s capabilities and wisdom better as you grow up. There is a lot to be learnt from your father, especially when you are willing to look beyond your rebellious prejudices that are created due to an obvious generation gap. Here are some of the things that you can learn from your father.

1. Caring for the family

While mothers get a lot of credit for what they achieve at home, caring dads usually miss out. This is because kids rarely see what dads go through at offices to provide for the family. Nevertheless, the best dads work tirelessly at their workplace, irrespective of their profession, to provide for the family. The best dads put family before their health and comfort, working through odd jobs at times and in caustic environments, physical and emotional, to make sure that the family is well taken care of, financially. While mothers are the engines that run a good family, dads are the fuel that burn tirelessly to give their family all the comforts and security possible. That is why families taken care of by principled and strong men usually turn out to be great ones that contribute great personalities to society.

2. Respecting your roots

Among all good families, there is a common trait, the respect for roots. This characteristic trait usually comes from fathers. Fathers usually hold a strong love for their home country, motherland, the soil and their roots. The respect for elders and the curiosity to know more about ancestors can usually be attributed to fathers. That is why kids who respect their elders are invariably from families where the fathers respect their ancestors. It also drives home the point to kids about respecting your origins and your culture. It is fathers who show that while it is easy to gain success or earn money, it is hard to safeguard your culture and hence it is the only thing worth doing, at all costs.

3. Foresight

Most kids don’t take well to their fathers’ advice. This is because kids rarely understand what their fathers are thinking. However, fathers have years of experience. More importantly, what is worth learning from them is their foresight, their ability to logically look at options and possible problems, to come up with a solution. From fixing things around the house with duct tape and a few tools to making financial investments to safeguard the security of the family, fathers always look ahead. In other words, you will always find they plan for a rainy day, always doing their best to ensure that the family is well provided for, even in the face of disasters that could take place due to the vagaries of your destiny. This foresight is a gift that is worth picking up from fathers. Kids, who pick this early, usually end up as mature men and women, who are capable of taking better decisions.

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