Putting A Crying Baby To Sleep Is Not As Tough As You Think. Check Out How

Putting A Crying Baby To Sleep Is Not As Tough As You Think. Check Out How

‘I have had a really bad night yesterday, Lisa. I’ll call you back later this evening’. Have you been making similar phone conversations with your friends lately? We assume that you have a tiny toddler to take care of, don’t you? Childbirth can take a toll on you, we completely understand. Especially when your nights are interrupted by a crying baby. Do you want to know how you can soothe your baby? Here’s what we think.

Do you think loneliness could be one reason for your baby to suddenly burst into tears? Maybe your baby is suddenly feeling insecure? All babies need warmth, don’t they? Don’t heed stupid advice like ‘Give them some snooze drops’ or such nonsense. Sometimes babies just need a warm hug, a cute cuddle and they’re fine.

You think babies don’t understand your language, do you? See how your baby reacts when you say ‘I love you so much’. A smile will flare up on his/her face. Do you know what we recommend? We love singing some lullabies and telling our babies ‘Hush….sleep quickly otherwise the devil will come and grab your toys away’. Sweet nothings work well, we say.

A friend recently told us, ‘I give touch therapy to my child.’ We wonder what that meant. Only later we realized that it meant using hands to touch our infants as frequently as possible. The next time your prized one splits into tears, soothe him/her by gently running your fingers on their back with love and care. Trust us, you will never forget the beautiful sight of them going to sleep.

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