Top 5 Reasons To Use A Sports Bra

Top 5 Reasons To Use A Sports Bra

Gone are the days when you could not associate a sports bra with fashion. But not any more. Sports bras are fashionable, comfortable, and protective. How I wish men were like that! Jokes aside, there are many benefits of wearing a sports bra. Let’s whiz through the top 5 reasons to use a sports bra.

1. Avoid discomfort

Whether you are exercising, going for a walk, or even running around the house, the comfort levels that a sports bra provides will add a spark to your step. Sports bras are made to handle ‘women in motion’. It is very simple – I ask why do we wear good running shoes when we can do away with cheap ones too? Because they are more comfortable! Sports bras take the tension off your shoulders. My savior is that sports bras absorb much more sweat. I now go all-out in the gym without worrying about sweaty patches over my breasts.

2. Avoid embarrassment

This one has to be in the top 5 for me. Don’t you hate it when your bouncy breasts attract unwanted attention in the gym or when you are running on the sidewalk? This can be worse for large breasted women. Sports bras are designed to hold your breasts in place and restrict their movement. They will reduce the bounce and give you better support. Good quality sports bras also have separate chambers to hold each breast. So get a sports bra and go out there to do what you like, the way you like it!

3. Avoid breast pain

It is estimated that 50 percent of women experience breast pain while exercising. Breasts have ligaments that move not only up and down but also side by side when you exercise. Sports bras reduce the effect of this movement and reduce strain on these ligaments.

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