5 Ways to Keep Your Toddler Busy When You are Out

Ways to Keep Your Toddler Busy When You are Out

A toddler can be the cutest thing ever to have walked the planet, but also can be a handful. Toddlers seem to have a never ending source of energy and they are up to some mischief or the other most of the times. It is also difficult to keep a toddler occupied for long periods of time as their natural curiosity and exuberance wouldn’t let them sit still and they will soon wander away. This poses a problem when you have to step out for a while or get into another room to get work done around the house. But this is also not an impossible task. To begin with child proof your house and try to follow some of the following techniques below to keep your toddler occupied. Here are some ways to keep your toddler busy when you are out.

1. Let your toddler play dress up

Unless you bring them up in a specific way, toddlers are all the same and every toddler would love to dress up. Give your toddler some clothes and jewelry that you do not mind getting dirty or mangled up and you will notice that your toddler moves into a different make believe world. They would enjoy it so much that they will not only remain occupied for a while but would also forget about you for a while.

2. Build a fort using blankets and pillows

Spend some time with your toddler and build a fort using blankets and pillows. Make is as big as you can, allowing your toddler to move about. You will find out that very soon, your toddler will want you to move out and spend time in the fort all by themselves. They will make up scenarios and will also enact them when you are not around.

3. Let your toddler build a Lego block

Encourage your toddler to build Lego blocks. This is something that can take up a lot of their time and something that they would never get bored with. The more you praise them for building, the more they will want to build. Make encouraging noises and clap if you can when your toddler puts a lot of blocks together.

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