8 Ways to Look More Mature

8 Ways to Look More Mature

Women are known to use all sort of tactics to appear younger than they actually are. From face creams to diets to lying about the age, women know very well how to look more youthful. However, there are also women who are always mistaken for teens due to their childlike features and these females would love to look a little more mature. Here are some tips to employ in order to look your age and not resemble a growing kid.

1. Apply kohl

Women instantly get a more mature look when they apply kohl on their eyes. A thin black outline will work, you don’t need to load yourself with it. Apply eyeliner for a more feminine look.

2. Lose the fringe

If you have been sporting a fringe a la Carly Rae Jepsen, then you are bound to look like a bubbly teenager. Bangs are preferable over fringes which suit women who look apt for their age. The best solution is to just let your hair grow out naturally instead of resorting to fancy cuts like these.

3. Grow your hair

Women sporting long locks look any day more mature than those flaunting cropped hair. This is why most elderly women go for shorter hair, because it makes them look more youthful. Waist length hair or longer would be perfect to lend you the mature look.

4. Lose the Capri pants and jumpsuits

If you are already looking like a kid, there is no sense in dressing up like one and then cribbing about how everyone calls you a child. Ditch these 2 outfits if you have them and opt for hot shorts, skirts or full pants.

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