5 Ways to Avoid Getting Drunk

Photo Courtesy: Martin Cathrae

Social drinking is agreeable, and to some extent necessary. But, getting overly drunk is certainly objectionable. However, in the company of friends and family, sometimes getting drunk cannot be avoided. Below are some ways you can avoid getting drunk or losing control.

1. Act it Out

You have already had a few rounds, and want to stop right then. Act as if you have already had enough. If your friends persist you to gulp down another round, it is best to excuse yourself to the restroom under the pretext of feeling overly drunk. You can sway, blabber or even act like puking to make it appear to your companion as if you are overdrunk.

2. Pretend Sickness

Even if you are well and want to indulge in a few rounds, it is best not to start at all. If at all your friends invite you to a party, you can bail out at the last moment pretending to be ill or sick. If you are at a party already, then try and keep your activities to a minimum low so your friends will know you aren’t feeling good.

3. Pass it On

If at all you are a part of a group where one after the other is taking shots, you can skip your shot by creating a distraction. You can tell an interesting story, or crack a funny joke when it is your turn to empty the glass. Then, casually pass the glass to the person beside you.

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