6 Things to Consider Before Moving in With Your Boyfriend

6 Things to Consider Before Moving in With Your Boyfriend

A 100 volts smile flashes across your faces when your boyfriend asks you to move in with him. It makes you feel special and loved. The idea of seeing him day in and day out probably makes butterflies flutter in your stomach, but at the same time you have a nervous excitement. A certain compromise is a must for the live in relation to work but you must consider and check a few things before you decide to move in with your boyfriend.

1. Move in on the same page

Moving in could be more about fun rather than long term relations. Tell him that because you like him, you are willing to give your relation a chance to grow. It is not a commitment you are making for a long term.

2. Sharing Responsibilities

Make it clear to him before moving in that, all the duties and responsibilities with regards to cooking, laundry, household chores, rent etc. will be done by both of you. You alone will not handle all of it.

3. Your Independent Life

Once you move in with most certainty you will have to make alterations to your routine. But make it clear beforehand that you will not give up your job, your education or anything important to you.

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