7 Tips to Avoid Burning in a Tanning Bed

7 Tips to Avoid Burning in a Tanning Bed

Tanning beds are a great way to get a natural tan despite the time of the year. However, they can cause severe burns if not handled appropriately. So, here are some tips for first-timers or experienced tanners to follow to avoid burning in tanning bed.

1. Determine skin’s sensitivity

Most often, women are unaware of how sensitive their skin is. The level of sensitivity differs from one person to another. And therefore, before you step on to a tanning bed; understand the nature of your skin to avoid getting burnt.

2. Period of tanning

If you are a first timer especially, the time taken on the tanning bed is very important. Ask for the recommended period of time. First timers are generally suggested to take exposure under five minutes although twenty minutes is otherwise allowed on the tanning bed. First timers can use the tanning bed for less than five minutes few times a week for a period of two weeks. And thereafter; gradually increase time levels. The idea is to get a base tan and then increase time levels for the desired tan color.

3. Work with professionals

Using a tanning bed must be necessarily done in the presence and supervision of professionals. They are knowledgeable on types of skin, its sensitivity and time period required. It is extremely risky and can turn fatal if tanning on a tanning bed is not done under supervision.

4. Take care of your eyes

The tanning bed makes use of ultraviolet rays as a catalyst to promote melanin production in your skin. While this works well for your body when done under supervision, it can be extremely harmful for your eyes. This is why professional tanning salons give you protective eye gear before you get on to the tanning bed.

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