4 Signs Your Past Relationship is Holding You Back

Photo Courtesy: lindz graham

You’ve deleted him from your Facebook, and you no longer share those sweet nothings over frequent texts. There’s no email exchange any longer. But you are following him on twitter! Many of us have been through this – the land of misery – where you find your life stuck into your ex. No matter how much you try, you don’t seem to be able to move on. The bitter sweet memories keep crawling back in your head making you miserable. Here are signs your past relationship is holding you back.

1. You find no interest in other men

You bump into this nice guy in the library, your eyes meet his, and he smiles at you. You smile back. But just as a courtesy. And when he tries to start a conversation you make the lamest of excuse and leave. No one else seems to interest you any more. Your head is still full with the thoughts of your ex!

2. You commit the cardinal sin

You’ve suffered and now bored of it. Finally, you want to move on. At times you mumble “if he can move on so can I.” So, you get back to the dating scene with a vengeance. Once out with the new guy you realize life’s not so bad, after all. Yet by the time you’ve reached the second glass of red wine, you are cribbing about your ex. Oh my! You’ve just committed the cardinal sin of dating! Soon, your date wishes he was somewhere else. And before you realize, you are heading back to your lonely apartment, banking on spoonful of Nutella and a box of fresh tissues for company.

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