10 Things Guys Want Girls To Know

10 Things Guys Want Girls To Know

Do you think you’ve got it all sorted out when it comes to guys? And do you also think there’s nothing more that you don’t know about them? Well, we agree with you but why not read the following points for they will help you to know guys much better. What’s more, guys want you to know all these things!

1. Guys hate those who flirt cheaply

Yes, that’s true. Girls, you might be thinking that every guy is a flirt. But that’s not the case. Guys do flirt but some know their limits. In fact, many guys hate others who flirt, especially if they do it in a cheap way or harass the girl even when she says she is not interested.

2. Guys do cry

Even if they are all macho and dudes, guys do have feelings. If someone has hurt them deeply, they will cry. But they don’t cry as often as girls do. It’s only for those times when they are really emotionally upset.

3. It’s not just the looks that guys fall for

Girls may often think that guys are just interested in all the gorgeous girls and they don’t like to look at girls who are not so pretty. But that’s not true. Guys usually look for pretty and presentable girls who also have a good character.

4. If guys care about you, they will overlook your bad traits

When you have a guy friend or boyfriend, you know that they will be there for you if you are in trouble. Similarly, they will also ignore your bad traits. Sure, they will tease you about it but that won’t stop them from being your friend/boyfriend.

5. Guys love it when you smile

There is something magical in your smile that all guys love. If they are sad or worried about something, just smile at them and it will make them feel much better. The fact that you look more pretty when you smile is another fact that guys love your smile for.

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