5 Tips to Propose on Thanksgiving

5 Tips to Propose on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is truly the most blissful time of the year. Holiday with friends, families and all loved ones, and nothing but joy and happiness in the air. With all the love, gratitude and romance that is there in the air, it is an excellent time to commit to your love forever. So here are 5 tips to tell your love about your feelings and propose to him this Thanksgiving.

1. Propose before dinner

While many people love the idea of proposing during their Thanksgiving dinner, or maybe even hiding the ring on the Turkey, this technique has been way overdone and lost its uniqueness. Moreover, it is quite possible that you’re having dinner with all your distant relatives. Such a scenario can be a little overwhelming and embarrassing. Therefore, it is wise to keep the proposal session intimate between the couple by doing it privately, and later announcing the good news to your family at dinner.

2. Propose at his hometown

If you have been invited to spend Thanksgiving with your boyfriend’s family, get to know more about his memories and affection to that place from him, his friends and family. Put together this information and make your proposal in a not too extravagant way. Keep it simple and meaningful. The atmosphere of his hometown always carries a sentimental value in the heart of a person, and such a proposal would be no less romantic than that done at the Eiffel Tower.

3. Propose on a fall walk

Many people like to go out on a long walk after their Thanksgiving dinner to enjoy the scenic beauty of autumn. This is the perfect time for you too. Go out on a one-on-one walk with your partner and when the air is romantic and the mood is calm, make your proposal.

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