6 Tips for Christmas Makeup

6 Tips for Christmas Makeup

Christmas is a happy time and it should reflect not only in our decorations, food and lights but also on our faces. What better way to get into the spirit of Christmas by wearing the appropriate makeup? You don’t have to exactly color coordinate with the rest of the Christmas colors and decorations, but you can still experiment with glitter and colors during Christmas. Along with your smile, your makeup too can light up your face. Here are a few makeup tips for Christmas.

1. Glitter and shimmer blush

Christmas is definitely not a time when you should go subtle. Try glitter and shimmer when you are applying makeup. Depending on your skin tone, you can go for a pink glitter (for pale skin), or golden tones if you have darker skin. You can use red glitter if you are really experimental and think you can carry it off. It is a quite risky , yet bold color when it is glittery.

2. Nails

You can change the colors everyday or get nail art done on them with the festive themes. Go red, green and white this Christmas. Add cute little stars and dots to make them look more Christmassy.

3. Hair

There is isn’t necessarily a hairdo that is Christmas specific. But going with the spirit of the season, make your hairdo extravagant but comfortable. You can have a ponytail with loose strand framing your face or a sophisticated bun that would let you in peace through the day. If you are in a party and it is fun themed, you can add antler head band to your loose hair or tie it with a red ribbon.

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