6 Tips to Make Your Cake Different this Christmas

6 Tips to Make Your Cake Different this Christmas

Christmas is the time of cheer, of happiness, of hope and of cakes. You can bake your cakes or buy it from the store. Either way, you can personalize it and make it look different this Christmas. Baking it yourself however gives you more choices in the flavor and the decorating part. But if you are too lazy or do not know how to bake a cake, then buy a simple vanilla cake from the store and add toppings or icing to customize it and make it taste better. Here are a few tips to make your cake different this Christmas. All you need is the right baking tools and a whole lot of time and patience. If you have kids, you an make it a fun project for them too.

1. A cake with a tree on top

Who says Christmas trees only need to be on the floor? They can be on your cake too and not only as a cream filled shape. You can hand sculpt the cake yourself; if the cake is moist enough and you don’t mind using your bare hands. Add the appropriate colors and use raisins, cherries, nuts and M&M s to decorate your tree.

2. Checkerboard cake

This classic cake with the chocolate and vanilla flavor is easy to make if you have the right baking tools and the spirit to try out something different. As you do it, you will realize that it isn’t too difficult and people will marvel and compliment you on the cake.

3. Mississippi mud pie

It is not a very Christmassy cake, but you had decided to bake something different this Christmas and this is a good bet. It gives new meaning to the phrase “death by chocolate” and the best thing about baking this is that you don’t need too many ingredients and people just love it.

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