5 Dos & Don’ts For A Style Conscious Girl

5 Dos & Don'ts For A Style Conscious Girl

Stylish, Elegant, Graceful. Is that how you want people to describe you? It’s good to be a style conscious chick, but if you are not careful, then simple things can ruin your day. To have that stylish edge over others and to make their eyes pop out in wonder, go through this list of Dos and Don’ts so that you don’t commit ‘style sins’.

1. Do wear a dress that matches your body type. What you want to look like and what you actually look like are two different things, so ensure that you highlight your positive points through the choice of your dress.

2. Do wear ‘natural’ makeup with slight bold hints here and there for that little oomph factor.

3. Do wear matching footwear that will make eyes roll back in wonder.

4. Do wear a good supportive bra, otherwise nothing will look good on you.

5. Do carry the right kind of bag to go with your dress. A dainty evening gown calls for a trendy clutch or a small delicate purse.

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