6 Things You Should Never Tell Your Husband

6 Things You Should Never Tell Your Husband

Marriage is a delicate affair. You need to handle it with a lot of care, love, compassion, perseverance and attention. As years pass by, you tend to become more and more comfortable with your husband. However, there are always those few little things that you can’t take for granted, and can’t tell him. Here are some of them.

1. He is a replica of his father/ mother

It’s a universally known fact that wives are never too happy with their in-laws, and always hate their husbands for taking their parents’ sides. However, in your fit of anger, you can never let this come out verbally. Never tell your husband that he is exactly like his mother/father, because that will not only make him realize how much you disrespect his parents, but will also let him know that somewhere you will have the same hatred for him or his mannerisms that you have for his parents. This will make you come across as a bad family member on a whole.

2. Your previous relationship/partner was better

If you have just got married and are facing problems with your husband, then you need to tackle them smartly. Never tell your husband that he is behaving like your Ex Boyfriend, or that your Ex was better at some things that your husband can’t manage. These kinds of statements make a man feel inferior, and he will start thinking of himself as a person who is good for nothing. Before you know it, these things will end up becoming ego issues, with never-ending clashes.

3. You can take care of your kids better

You both love your kid equally, and you both want to act responsibly for your child’s safety. Just like you are happy being a mother, he too is happy being a father. Then why would you feel that he would not be able to take care of the kids? He may be weak at changing nappies, or wouldn’t know grandma’s secret remedy for curing rashes, but he would know that his baby is crying and would call a doctor instantly. So stop making him feel that he is bad at handling kids, because well, truth be told, they are not just ‘your’ kids, they belong to both of you.

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