5 Things Your Fiancé May Think When You Are Walking Down The Aisle

5 Things Your Fiance May Think When You Are Walking Down The Aisle

“Let me tell you something hilarious. A dear friend of mine, Ross, was being nostalgic about his wedding recently and he told me what he was thinking when his bride walked down the aisle. Who knows, all men think the same things when they see their brides walking down the aisle?” wondered Mary, 34. Let’s see what they may be thinking.

1. “I’m going to have an extra person to care for now”

This is a typical bachelor-turning-into-a-husband attitude. “Although Ross confessed that he freaked out with this thought on one hand, he also felt a great deal of assurance that he was going to share his life with one special person”, said Mary. We would expect most bachelors to have such thoughts while their brides are walking down the aisle, right?

2. “Is everything around me moving?”

“If this is the thought in the groom’s head when he sees his bride is walking down the aisle, then that’s completely natural. At least that’s what Ross told me!”, laughed Mary. With all the big changes taking place in the new couple’s life, it’s considered normal to feel dizzy and nauseous on the wedding day.

3. “She is the most beautiful woman in the world”

“From the way Ross narrated his wedding experience to me, I could completely see that he was totally blown away. He told me that his bride was the only woman he could see, and everything else faded out”, said Mary. So, all you brides out there, don’t feel surprised if your groom gapes with this thought. This is indeed a lovely thought!

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