6 Ways to Soften Your Feet

6 Ways to Soften Your Feet

Feet are the most affected part of our skin since we stand on them and they are always in contact with dirt. The general course of action that most people take for acquiring soft feet is by going for a pedicure to the local beauty parlor. However, that is not something which can be done every alternate day thanks to the high prices the salons charge and hence one needs to be aware of how to soften feet at home.

1. Wear soft soled footwear

Your footwear is a lot more important than what you give it credit for. The kind of shoes and sandals you wear affect the state of your feet for the worse. If you wish to maintain the smoothness of your feet and avoid cracked heels or calluses, then make sure you invest in good quality soft soled footwear. Don’t go for those sparkly stilettos you saw being available at a throwaway price if the sole feels hard because they will surely damage your feet.

2. Wear socks at home

When at home, wear soft fuzzy home slippers or socks. No matter how clean you keep the floors of your home, there is always some amount of dust and dirt which will stick to your feet if you walk around bare footed.

3. Soak them in hot water at the end of the day

At the end of every day you should soak your feet in a bucket of hot water. To add to the softness, you could add some Epsom salt in the water. This method will not only soften the feet but will also help you relax.

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