6 Tips for Better Communication Among Family Members

6 Tips for Better Communication Among Family Members

Gone are the days when we lived together with our grandparents and other family members in the same house. The fast paced city life and hectic work schedule have not only reduced the size of the family that we are staying with, but have also led to a huge gap among each member of the family. We are so very caught up into our smaller worlds that we hardly have time to talk to each other and understand each other. Here are some of the tips for better communication among family members.

1. Strengthen the bond

Try strengthening the family bond by encouraging healthy communication among family members. In order to foster a harmonious family relationship, try cultivating love, trust and respect for each other through regular family communication.

2. Listen to each other

Listening is an effective communication tool. You should try to inculcate the listening ability in each and every member of your family. An active listener makes you feel that he is interested in what you are talking and is thus sensitive towards your feelings. You can begin with your kids. Teach them to responsively listen to others, especially the elders when they speak.

3. Emphasize on positivity

Avoid being negative or being sarcastic while talking to any of your family members. Negativity destroys the warmth of every relationship. Even if you do not approve of something, try communicating that in a positive manner, without hurting the feelings of other family members. Negativity automatically forces an individual to deliberately withdraw themselves from any conversations.

4. Fulfill commitments

As we all know trust is vital for any relationship, you need to emphasize on trust building activities between each member of your family. You can inspire trust among other family members by fulfilling your promises and commitments. This way, you will enhance the confidence of each of your family members and encourage trust and belief between each of them.

5. Pay attention to your body language

Your body language conveys a lot more than what you can even think of. It is therefore very important to monitor your facial expression, the tone of your voice, hand movements and various other gestures. Remember, most of the messages that you communicate are perceived on the basis of your body language.

6. Spend quality family time

Nothing can match the quality time spent together as a family when you can talk to each other, know about what’s happening in each other’s life. Make it a part of your daily routine to have at least a breakfast or a dinner together. Eating together help you to spend time together thus strengthening your family bond even further.

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