5 New Ways to Surprise Your Mom on Mother’s Day

5 New Ways to Surprise Your Mom on Mother's Day

So Mother’s Day is around the corner. You love your mom like a normal offspring and understandably want to do something for her. So what do you do? Go to your nearest gift shop and buy a cute teddy bear and pin up a hallmark card to it and hope it makes your mom feel like the most special person on earth. Either this or you can genuinely put in thought and time to show your appreciation for the single most important person in your life? Well if you want to do the latter, we may just have the thing for you.

1. Get her breakfast in bed

Your mother makes you breakfast daily. How about you do the same for your mom, just the one day! Plan what you’d like to cook; pancakes, omelettes, cutlets etc. are good options. Pay attention to the aesthetics, and serve it to her the first thing in the morning, or as the title suggests, in bed! It would be the perfect start of the day and your mom can have the luxury for once to lounge about, take a long hot shower or whatever else she would like to do in the mornings but can’t.

2. Household chores for the day

This one seems like the extension of the first idea, only it is way bigger. Any mom, be it a homemaker or a working mother has the maximum responsibility of running the house. And it’s no mean feat. The cooking, cleaning, washing, dishes, grocery shopping, social responsibilities, child rearing, the list is endless. She accomplishes all that everyday. Can get exhausting right? So how about you rise up and take the mantle for a day. Give her a day off. Let her sleep late in bed, watch television, gossip on the phone, visit the beauty parlor, take a walk. In short, give her the gift of time, while you take care of the daily chores. You would actually be gifting her a whole day on Mother’s Day!

3. Gift an experience

A lot of websites offer the option of gifting an experience to your loved ones. Be it a Balinese massage, a spa, acupuncture etc. You can gift something which you feel your mom would really appreciate. Most moms do not have the time or the energy to go for an exclusive spa. They might view it as a waste of time and money. This is why you have to give it to them on a platter and leave them with no option but to go! Of course it sounds like you are force feeding her into something. But as Moms have a habit of saying, “It is for your own good!”

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