7 Tips on How to Love Unconditionally

7 Tips on How to Love Unconditionally

Books and movies have relentlessly defined unconditional love for the masses by portraying it as a perfect bond between lovers. There are certain elements that define unconditional love in reality. If you want to understand it better, we give you 7 tips on how to love unconditionally.

1. Accepting each other’s past

One of the key elements that define unconditional love between two people is the acceptance of each other’s pasts. It doesn’t matter if your boyfriend has had a tumultuous childhood, romantic involvement with another person or an embarrassing phase in life, you have to accept him with his past. And he must do the same for you if he loves you conditionally. Unconditional love means not judging each other on the basis of your pasts.

2. Not wanting to change anything about each other

Do you feel that your boyfriend could have a better personality if he quit his habit of talking too loudly? Does your boyfriend want to change your style of dressing? If you both are experiencing something similar, it means you are trying to change each other according to your tastes. Unconditional love means that you like each other for what you are, not what you want each other to become.

3. Love without any clauses or conditions

An important thing that defines unconditional love is the selflessness with which you love your partner. If you put any clauses to your love then it becomes selfish and ceases to be unconditional. Such clauses could range from not allowing your boyfriend to do something he likes because you dislike it or expecting him to call a certain number of times in the day.

4. Giving forgiveness generously

Since unconditional love is all about accepting each other in entirety, it means that you have to be ready to forgive your lover generously. This is a trait which is difficult to adapt because it requires a lot of courage to forgive somebody after they have hurt you. But it is qualities like these which make unconditional love so elusive.

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