5 Things to Never Put on Your Hair

Things to Never Put on Your Hair

Being creative with your hair can do magic to your appearance and personality, give you a new sense of yourself and uplift your persona. However, when you go crazy with hair make over, you are not completely aware of the damage you could incur in the process. There are many things that you should never apply to your hair as it is not just likely to affect the hair but also damage your hair. Here are 5 things that you should never put on your hair.

1. Chemical hair dye

Chemical hair dyes are composed of different chemical components which work as primary ingredients in your hair product. These dyes can be very hazardous for your hair especially when you decide to strip your hair dye and give it a new color. The exposed hair cuticles cause permanent damage in terms of strength and growth. It also causes ailments like asthma, respiratory disorders and skin allergies.

2. Tight hair accessories

Wearing tight hair accessories like clips that pluck on your hair roots, bands made with rubber or with less elasticity sure give you different hairstyles and creative braids. But putting them on for longer duration causes your roots to get pulled from the scalp. Repetitive use of hair accessories can cause permanent hair loss.

3. Hair extensions

You might want to use hair extensions to give yourself a long or straight hair look to last for couple of days, perhaps for a party or a wedding. But hair extensions are stuck to your hair with glue. When you take them off it causes breakage and may result in permanent hair loss.

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