6 Occasions When The No Contact Rule Applies

Occasions When The No Contact Rule Applies

It is always good to act mature and avoid enmity with those around you. However, not keeping in touch does not mean enmity. It just means that things have reached a stage where some amount of distance will only save the relationship you had with a person. Sometimes distance works wonders. Distance here means not keeping in touch, no matter what. This is however not a permanent thing. And the duration of this “no-contact” rule varies from person to person and situation to situation. Here are 6 cases where the “no-contact” rule applies.

1. When you are not over your ex

No matter how difficult it is, it is still advisable to keep some distance from you ex till you are completely over him. If not, then you will probably never be able to get over him for one and secondly, this will sabotage any chance you have of meeting true love in future.

2. When your ex is not over you

He may lay many arguments in front of you saying something like he only wants your friendship. However, you should not believe him because he is a hurt person. And a hurt person probably is not even in touch with his own feelings. He maybe in pain, and maybe under the impression that spending a little time with you will make things better for him. However, it will only do the opposite.

3. When your ex is affecting your present relationship

There is a reason why it is said that you must live for your present. Your past is your past and there is a reason why it did not make it to your present. It is okay to be in good terms with your ex, but if for any reason he is affecting your present relationship, it is better to break ties with him. If you really love and value your present relationship then this should be a small price to pay.

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