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7 Essential Haircare Tools

Our hair need extra care to look beautiful. It is important that you devote some amount of your time daily, to hair care. Right from deciding the combs to the shampoo and styling, we...

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5 Ways To Pump Up Your Hair Volume

It’s a dream for most women to have shiny voluminous hair. Some have naturally bouncy voluminous hair while some lack this volume and the hair falls flat. There are ways to create volume in...

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5 Things to Never Put on Your Hair

Being creative with your hair can do magic to your appearance and personality, give you a new sense of yourself and uplift your persona. However, when you go crazy with hair make over, you...

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7 Tips to Manage Your Fringes

No haircut or hairstyle is complete without fringes today. Fringes look cool on all the face shapes. But, after a haircut, it gets difficult to manage fringes. So, below are listed some tips to...

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12 Best Beauty Products of All Time

Beauty products never run out of fashion. There are several beauty products being introduced into the market to help women look beautiful. Here we discuss the 12 best beauty products of all time.

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How to Get Big Curls?

Curls are a definite plus and can make your otherwise straight hair a lot bouncy and attractive to look at. In fact, a recent survey suggests that women with curly hair are a lot...

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4 Great Movies for Slumber Party

How long has it been since you have had an all girls party? It’s time you geared up for some real fun and excitement. You can plan for a slumber night by calling over...

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8 Hairstyles to Try When Your Bangs Are Growing

Your initial attempt at hair bangs may have been successful. You simply love the look and people shower their attention and interest on you and your hair. However, the honeymoon period usually ends when...

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5 Steps To Follow While Blow Drying Your Hair

“Eliza, can you give me lessons on how to blow dry hair? You’ve been working in a salon since quite some time. I’m sure you know the ropes and tricks required to blow dry...