Top 5 Tips To Improve Social Etiquette

Top 5 Tips To Improve Social Etiquette

Since you were a kid, you were taught that man is a social animal, he has to live in society and that too with harmony. For the same reason, society has laid down some rules and mannerisms that are together called as social etiquette. Whether it is to make a good impression or to establish cordial relations with the people around you, it is imperative for you to have some knowledge about social etiquette. Mentioned below are 5 essential tips regarding the same.

1. Introduce others around you

This is a very common mistake most people make when they’re in the middle of a gathering or when they’ve just entered a room. Imagine how awkward would it be if a group entered your party and no one introduced them to you? A big tip on improving your social etiquette is to remember to introduce people to each other, especially when you are the common link. By improving upon this social etiquette, you will not end up offending anybody.

2. Avoid using too many verbal pauses

Are you using “Errrr”, “Ummm” or phrases like “you know” too many times in your conversations? You might not realize, but this habit can sound very annoying and ridiculous for the opposite person. Have you ever considered improving on this social etiquette by recording your own voice? This will give you a perfect idea of how you sound and will help you improve your conversation skills very quickly.

3. Always offer to pay

Most people think that only men are supposed to pay. This notion is completely wrong. While it is customary for men to offer to pay on dates, you must offer to go dutch when you’re meeting a male acquaintance. Don’t take this social etiquette lightly, friends.

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