Top 5 Tips To Deal With Your Child’s Feelings

Top 5 Tips To Deal With Your Child's Feelings

“My son is facing a lot of stress right now because of the pressure he faces in academics as well as extracurricular activities”, complained Rianna, a mother of two. “Then what parenting techniques do you use to deal with your child’s fluctuating feelings?”, we asked Rianna. Here’s what she had to say.

1. Don’t let your moods swing

“One day I got very upset with my son because he was in a bad mood and wasn’t talking properly to me”, said Rianna. “But here’s a parenting tip you can take from me and avoid doing what I did. Don’t let your children’s fluctuating emotions influence you. You need to stay calm first in order to help your child deal with his/her feelings”, suggested Rianna.

2. Stop nagging and advising

“When your kids are in trouble, the best thing you can do is stop giving them advice!”, laughed Rianna. “I don’t understand why mature and wise parenting is always considered to be all about nagging and doling out uncalled advice”, she added. Friends, a wise way to deal with your child’s feelings is to give them an open ear.

3. Find out if you are being judgmental

“Think about this parenting tip that I am giving you”, said Rianna. “Is it fair to be judgmental of your children and further complicate their troubles by telling them if they are right or wrong?”, she asked. Friends, Rianna is right. A wise way to deal with your child’s feelings is to step in his/her shoes and see the situation.

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