How Often Should You Feed A Puppy?

How Often Should You Feed A Puppy?

“Puppies”, how cute are they! But with that cuteness comes a lot of responsibilities. One of them is taking care of their diet. There are people who get puppies for themselves but are hardly aware of a pup’s nutritional needs. There are some others who are concerned about their puppy’s hunger pangs, but don’t know what to do? Are you one of them? Then this article might surely help you.

To start with, till 8 weeks, please do not separate your puppy from its mother. The reason we say this is because this will affect its health. In the beginning, let them feed on their mother’s milk. After 3 or 4 weeks, you can try giving them solid food. Mix your food with water or milk (just to make it semi-solid). When they are 6 to 8 weeks old, they should be fed minimum 4 times a day because puppies are very active and hence, digest food faster. Always remember to provide fresh water with each meal. Also, make sure the ‘puppy food’ that you are providing has all the ingredients that your puppy requires. After 8 weeks, you can feed your puppy twice a day. The ‘puppy food’ quantity will differ as it grows .Check with the vet, what and how your puppy has to be fed. Ensure your puppy is properly fed to attain good growth and development.

Treat your puppy like a child and fulfill all its needs. You know when it grows up, it won’t ever betray you.

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