7 Reasons Why Guy Best Friends Can be Troublesome

Reasons Why Guy Best Friends Can be Troublesome

Is your best friend a guy? Is that a problem? You two might be having loads of fun but here’s the fact- Guy best friends are often nothing but trouble. And here’s why:

1. He’ll ‘intimidate’ the guys who are interested in you

Not that your best friend has the intention to do so, but other guys will take it in this way. When a guy who is romantically interested in you finds out that your best friend is a guy and sees how you two enjoy each other’s company, it’s bound to intimidate him because in his mind your best friend will become his competition/rival.

2. He might jeopardize your romantic relationships/interests

Your lover might feel intimidated and insecure by the closeness of your relationship with your best friend. This will jeopardize your romantic relationship with your existing or potential boyfriend.

3. He’ll complicate your life

With all that jealousy and competition between your lover and your best friend, you would have tough time deciding whose side you would take. It will unnecessarily complicate things for you.

4. Love can’t be far behind

When you are best friends with him, then chances are that you can’t stay that way for long. Love is bound to peep into your relationship. With all that chemistry and camaraderie between the two of you, romance and love have all the chances to bloom. And when that happens, it will further complicate things for you.

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