5 Signs You Have Made Him Henpecked

5 Signs You Have Made Him Henpecked

A husband who understands his wife and respects her wishes is a boon. However, a husband who stays quiet and nods his head for everything and anything, is not every woman’s dream husband. Here we list out some signs so you can identify whether you have made your husband henpecked or not.

1. Agrees to everything you say

Disagreeing to everything a wife says is certainly not a good trait of a husband. Similarly, agreeing to her every wish is not a good thing either. If your husband or boyfriend says yes to every demand of yours, no matter how inconvenient or dumb it is, then he may be the henpecked type.

2. Backs off from his wishes

Do you feel that your husband or boyfriend rarely gets to do what he wants? Has your partner never been able to tell you openly that he has decided to do a certain thing a certain way? If he never even tries to argue or defend his wishes and needs, then he may be a henpecked partner.

3. Decision–making is always your responsibility

Men who do not take decisions in any kind of situation are definitely henpecked. They leave all the responsibilities to their wives and get into the role of a silent spectator. The reason could be sheer laziness or lack of interest. Right from the color of curtains to the model of the car, you will be making the decisions.

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