8 Great Tips to Develop Emotional Intelligence

8 Great Tips to Develop Emotional Intelligence

Many people nowadays talk about “emotional intelligence,” but a lot of people don’t know what exactly it is. The ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions is one of the major aspects of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence helps you regulate and manage your own emotions, as well as recognize the emotions of others. Emotional intelligence is important for the success of personal as well as professional relationships. Here are some tips to develop emotional intelligence.

1. Let your feelings flow

Don’t change a particular topic or interrupt. If your feelings are making you uncomfortable, you might want to avoid them. Don’t distract yourself from these feelings. Make sure you take out some time for yourself every single day. Don’t forget to sit down at least once or twice a day and ask yourself, “How am I feeling today.” This process may take some time, but don’t give up. Give yourself some space and analyze your feelings.

2. Don’t judge or manipulate your feelings

Some women dismiss their feelings. Don’t be one of them if you want to be emotionally strong. Think about your feelings and don’t dismiss them too quickly. Healthy emotions usually wave, rise, fall, peak and fade quickly. So, don’t cut the wave off before it peaks. Try and connect to your feelings with your thoughts. Whenever you feel something about anything, ask yourself “What do I think about this?” One of your feelings may contradict the other ones, but this is normal. Just analyze your feelings honestly, and you will be able to reach the best decision.

3. Notice the reaction of your body

Your body indicates the truth. Pay heed to your body carefully, and you will be able to figure out your true feelings. If you feel a knot in your stomach while going to work, then it is clear that your job is the source of stress or nervousness. If your heart flutters while talking to a specific guy every time, then this might be an indication of your romantic feelings for him. Noticing these sensations carefully can develop your emotional intelligence.

4. If you are confused about your own feelings then ask your friend

Sometimes you may not understand your own feelings. In such a case you can ask your close friend about your feelings. This may sound a little funny but in some cases others are able to judge how you feel about a specific thing. Ask the one who you can trust. Tell him/her about your confusion and you may find a surprising and illuminating answer.

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