6 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Bloating

6 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Bloating

Bloating is undoubtedly an uncomfortable condition with your stomach bearing the brunt. Sometimes you feel like your stomach will explode after eating too much of food, or sometimes even on eating very less, you feel a painful bloat upsetting you. The former is caused by overeating and the latter due to some particular food your stomach was unable to digest. Either ways, the condition is disturbing and you need to seek an immediate relief. Check out 6 simple ways to get rid of bloating.

1. Drink water

It’s a general myth that on drinking water, stomach tends to bloat more. In reality, drinking water will help maintain the sodium balance in the body and your body will expel fluids. It flushes out toxins from the cells and keeps your digestive tract clean. Strictly avoid carbonated beverages, as it will trigger more gas formation in the body.

2. Have herbal tea

One of the best known herbal remedies peppermint is a great remedy for stomach pain and bloating due to gas. Peppermint oil is rich in menthol, which has an antispasmodic effect on the digestive track leading to quick relief from stomach gases. Clove tea is also a well-known medicine for bloating.

3. Try fennel seeds

Juice of fennel seeds help in reducing the bloating problem quickly. You can either chew fennel seeds or use by crushing it and mixing it with hot water.

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