6 Unusual Romantic Gestures Around the World

6 Unusual Romantic Gestures Around the World

‘Love makes the world go round’ is a popular phrase and is quite a true one. Without that essential factor called love, even the hugest mansions and the biggest bundles of money seem like a waste. People all around the world have varied and unique ways of expressing their love for their special someone. Here are some of the most love filled and heart warming gestures which are not the run of the mill flowers-chocolates-teddy bears.

1. Mehndi of India

Mehndi, which is popularly known as Henna and is used for temporary designs and tattoos, originated in India. The brides in India adorn their hands and feet with intricate mehndi designs and while decorating the palms, the artist writes down the groom’s name on the bride’s hand, in the midst of the design. It is believed that after washing off the mehndi paste, the deeper the color of the name appears, the more the love is shared between the couple.

2. White day of Japan and Korea

While the world celebrates Valentine’s Day on February 14th, Japanese and Korean women do so too. However, the men have to do their part of the celebration exactly a month later, that is on March 14th which is known as ‘White Day.’ Most women gift their men handmade chocolates crafted by them, and their partners have to return the favor in the form of some gift on White Day.

3. Love locks of Paris

On a bridge overlooking the famous Notre Dame River in Paris, one will find loads of locks and padlocks attached. This is the love lock tradition of Parisians and the tourists wherein the couple gets their names or initials carved or written on a lock. They then proceed to affix the lock on the bridge and cast away the key in the river, symbolizing everlasting love.

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