5 Signs You’re in the Friend Zone

5 Signs You're in the Friend Zone

There is nothing more depressing and painful than finding it the hard way that you have been friendzoned. You have all these romantic ideas in your head for the other person and have more than friendly feelings while the other person treats you well, but just treat you like a good friend and nothing more than that. If you are beginning to have doubts that you are being friendzoned, then look out for these signs to conform your doubts about where you stand with the other person.

1. There are always three or four of you

When you invite your special someone out to a romantic dinner or a movie night, you always find that there are always one or more that always tag along and you always end up in a group and you never get some alone time. This is a clear sign that the other person is not too comfortable about spending alone time with you and is more comfortable around you when there are more people around.

2. You get short responses to your very long and detailed text messages

You spend a major part of the hour typing and retyping and thinking over to send a message and all you get in return is a simple one word reply. If this is not a loud and clear sign that you are a friend, then you seriously have to get your mind checked. If there is the same amount of interest at the other end too, you will get an equally enthusiastic response. If not it can only mean that you are in the friend zone.

3. You very much thought out date is cancelled at the last minute for something trivial

You might get a phone call or worse a text message at the last minute to let you know that the date has been cancelled. What is painful is the most trivial reasons are given for the cancellation. Something as simple as a nail appointment could be the reason sometimes for the cancellation of the date. If there also is a message that says they believe you understand then you are definitely the understanding friend and nothing more.

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