10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples

10 Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas for Couples

Valentine’s Day- a special day for couples to look forward to. This is one of the days in the year when you celebrate your love, share your joy and enjoy every moment in your relationship. Everyone likes to make their Valentine special and there are numerous ways in which you could accomplish that. Here are 6 romantic ideas that you should try out as a Valentine’s couple.

1. Take a boat ride

If you can afford it, you can always hire a boat. Get it beautifully decorated with lights, colors and drapes. You can sail all day long, laze and look at the sparking ocean, enjoy the scenic beauty midst water and nature. If there is a caretaker on the boat, he can get you breakfast in bed. At night, you can open up a bottle of champagne and enjoy a delicious dinner concluding with a sumptuous dessert.

2. Go for a weekend getaway

There are many exciting places that you can visit for a weekend getaway. It could be a bed and breakfast, a nice romantic visit on the hill top, a beach side resort where you can lie together by the beach and go for swimming and scuba diving together. Your Valentine’s Day weekend will be a day to remember.

3. Romantic candle light dinner

Sometimes cooking together on Valentine’s Day, rather than eating out, can be more fun. You can use up the entire kitchen space to make a sumptuous meal; you can decide on a 3 or 5 course meal. Get ready! You can also do a role play dinner where you set the food to pretend to be someone else. The Valentine’s Day will be fun, dramatic and full of excitement.

4. Throw a party for all couples

Valentine’s Day might not compulsorily be just about you. Invite all your single friends and couples. Plan a huge theme party. It could be a red and black love theme; it could be a pot luck or a cocktail party with amazing appetizers followed by a delicious buffet spread or light home cooked meal, whichever you prefer.

5. Mid night adventure camping

Find out a nice camping spot, set up a tent, carry a picnic basket, bathe near the stream, go fishing and trekking. Celebrating your love in the woods is one of the most romantic things you can plan. It will be like being transported to a different world!

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