7 Benefits of Fasting

7 Benefits of Fasting

There are a variety of things you can do to improve your bodily state, physically as well as mentally. One of these things is fasting. Fasting the whole day, half day or simply living on liquids, fruits and raw vegetables, is extremely good for the body. This list of benefits will illustrate to you, just how good this exercise is.

1. Detoxifies the body

The biggest advantage of regular fasting is that it detoxifies the body. It’s a natural cleansing system and makes your body purer. Fasting ought to be done once a week to achieve these results. Think of your body as a working machine or person; if it follows the same routine everyday, of eating processed foods, it will suffer wear and tear. Thus it will become slower and less healthy. Cleansing your system once a week helps immensely.

2. Makes you lose weight

Fasting reduces the stores of fat cells in the body by revving up the fat breakdown process and releasing energy. Thus you feel more energetic and less hungry, while losing weight in the process. Fasting every alternate day but making sure that you eat healthily even on the non-fast days should do the trick.

3. Rests the digestive system

Give your digestive system a break and go on a fast. Just like your legs, hands or head need breaks from time to time, your inner systems need them too, for better performance. Also, fasting increases the break down process of glucose which helps in releasing more insulin, thus lowering the sugar levels in blood significantly.

4. Makes you go the healthy way

A day or 2 of fasting will help you realize how much you exploit your body with toxins, fat and carbohydrates present in processed foods. It will make you eat in a healthier manner even on non-fast days and thus keep you fitter.

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