5 Thanksgiving Crafts

5 Thanksgiving Crafts

There are so many activities that you can involve your kids in. You can involve them during cooking or get their help in setting their table or cleaning the house. But the activity that makes it fun for both you and your kids is the making of crafts together. If you do no mind a messy room for a while, go ahead and buy some of the craft essentials for your kids to encourage the creativity in them. Sometimes there is also no need to go into great lengths to buy a lot of stuff. You would just need some colored papers, scissors, ribbons, cloth and glue to make some truly amazing Thanksgiving crafts. Since the turkey takes center stage during Thanksgiving, it is only natural that turkeys are also a favorite when it comes to making crafts. Here are a few simple ways to make crafts with your kids for this Thanksgiving.

1. Turkey Cups

You can either use paper cups or glasses to make this craft. Take some paper, cut out the beak, the eyes and the body and paste them in the front of the cup. Now you can either cut out the feather from different colored papers, or just stick colored feathers to the back of the cup to make it look like a turkey. They are pretty easy to make and your kid will only be too happy to make it with you.

2. Thanksgiving Gift boxes

Take a plain gift box and draw something with the Thanksgiving theme in mind and you have a handmade gift box ready. If you want it to be completely handmade, then you will have to cut and fold cardboard sheets or really thick papers to make the boxes yourself. Instead of painting, you can also stick some colored beads on top and make it look like whatever you want it to be.

3. Turkey gloves

This can be worn outside too. Take a bright colored glove and stick or stitch some wool or paper cutouts to make them look like a turkey. The brighter the colors, the funkier the gloves look. If you use cloth or wool on top of the gloves and stitch them instead of pasting them, they will last much longer.

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