6 Reasons Why You Should Always Count Your Blessings in Life

6 Reasons Why You Should Always Count Your Blessings in Life

If today you are asked to reflect on your life, what would you analyze? Eighty percent of people would remember the bad times of their life. What about your blessings? To live a fulfilling life, it is important to count your blessings and not your sorrows. There are some reasons behind this, continue reading.

1. You are a fully functioning human being

You have all your limbs, your intellect, your senses. But there are people who may not so be lucky. Some of them, despite being unable to see or hear or even walk, approach life with positivity. God has given you intelligence and a healthy body, so take this as a blessing and thank God for what he has given you.

2. You have your loved ones

Count your blessings the next time you see someone who has lost a dear one in life. The agony which they face is nothing as compared to your sorrow. Losing a loved one in life is a sorrow, which is incomparable. You are surrounded by your loved ones and family. Stay happy because you are blessed in life.

3. Your surroundings have been untouched by natural disasters

Look at people who have to bear the brunt of natural calamities. They lose their home and become shelterless. Now, compare them with yourself. You have a home and you stay in peaceful surroundings, what else do you want from life? Be happy because you have everything in life. Take this as your biggest blessing in life.

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