5 Reasons Why Men and Women Can’t be Just Friends

5 Reasons Why Men and Women Can't be Just Friends

It is an old age perception that a man and a woman cannot be friends. With modern outlook, this belief has also changed. Still, many people believe that men and women cannot be friends. Let us decode some reasons behind this.

1. Instant attraction

Every platonic and romantic relationship is based on attraction. When a woman meets a new guy, if she gets instantly attracted to him physically, or the other way round, there stands no chance of them being friends for eternity.

2. Friends with benefits

In the movie, Friends with Benefits, two friends are sexually involved with each other despite being friends. But what they don’t realize is, when friends get attracted to each other physically, romance has to make an entry, no matter what. Similarly, even in real life, if a man and a woman plan to stay only in a physical relationship, there surely comes a time when this physical relationship transforms into an emotional romantic one.

3. Transformation of feelings

The journey of friendship between a man and a woman can also culminate into love. When a man and a woman are friends for a long period of time, they get used to each other. They share everything with each other and gradually start missing each other in absence of the other. Time transforms the bond of friendship into love, which usually both take time to realize.

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