5 Signs That Show a Guy Will Never Make the First Move

5 Signs That Show a Guy Will Never Make the First Move

The big fat Greek wedding is not the only thing that is big! There is something called as the male ego, which is even bigger. However, you could prove to be judgmental if you’re pinning the blame on the guy to not be able to make the first move. Being a gentleman is not the in thing now, even the guys love someone to chase them and be equals in this aspect of romance. Here are 5 signs that indicate that a guy will not make the first move.

1. Lack of confidence

A very simple reason for the guy not making the first move could be, he doesn’t have the courage to do it, and he might be afraid of the result. Maybe he is waiting for the correct time, opportunity and some courage.

2. Possesses a ego

Times are changing now; women don’t wait for the guy to approach. If a woman has feelings, she goes ahead and expresses it. May be in a particular situation where the guy also knows that the girl is into him, he is probably waiting for her to make the first move.

3. Unsure of the girl’s feelings

May be the guy isn’t making the first move because he isn’t getting clear signs and indications from the girl. So confusion might be a reason for the guy for not making the move. So it might be the girl’s fault who is not clearly indicating her interest.

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