8 Ways to Build Sexual Tension

9 Ways to Build Sexual Tension

Sexual tension brings fun, excitement and adventure to your life. But how can you build sexual tension with the one you like? Read on to know.

1. Establish lingering eye contacts

It’s often said that eyes say it all. Use your eyes effectively and they’ll do all the work for you. The first step is to maintain those seemingly casual but naughty eye contacts. You don’t have to be too obvious. Make it naughty not vulgar. That’s where the true fun lies. Let your eye contact linger a little while, so as to create a flutter in his heart.

2. Plan “accidental” touches

Plan to bump into him accidentally. These planned accidental touches truly arouse interest and build sexual tension. Make sure you play it cool and act very naturally.

3. Play hard to get

Play hard to get but not impossible to get. Make sure you do enough to give him hope so that his interest continues. The real adventure for men lies in the chase.

4. Drop subtle naughty hints

Be subtle about it. You can share naughty jokes or drop some naughty hints disguised in regular words. Follow up with those naughty glances to make him go completely mad.

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